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Our new business entity, Electroplex has recently begun operations in the electrical services realm. Even though we are relatively new in the business, the standout element is our comprehensive combined work experience of over 14 years and counting. We started out with the single intention of delivering exemplary electrical services that cover the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Highlighting the work experience in the electrical services domain, it has been across different verticals like underground coal mining, industrial marine electrical services, solar, residential and commercial sectors. In a way, this paved the way for the experience to take shape and help adapt and learn and gather the tricks of the trade and thereby today, we have applied this experience in all the work we undertake in any area be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

We are based out of Sydney and we extend our services in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. All of the electrical services that we offer come under required parameters like superlative services, workmanship, expertise, competitive pricing and assured client satisfaction that would make us noticeable and help us make a mark and create a niche for ourselves in the electrical services realm in Sydney.

Gardening Services

Our services in a nutshell include data and communications, home automation, complete electrical services pertaining to industrial, commercial and domestic segments, solar and air-conditioning installations and services, cabling, network installations and electrical emergencies, if any.

If you would like to know more and would like to set up a consultation with the Electroplex electrical experts, then you can speak to us on 0435335752 or you can write to us at mitch@electroplex.com.au

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